Problem with "verbi irregolari inglesi" course

(Powerstaffo) #1

hi, this is my first post, and i hope i’m writing in the right section. I’m attending an irregular verbs course called “verbi irregolari inglesi” but over time i found several mistakes. How can i contact the head of the course? or maybe it’s a thing only the memrise staff can do. Hope my request can be taken into consideration, that way italian users will be able to study that matter the best way!


(𝕄eͥmrͣiͫรe ) #2

Hm. My suggestions are to try to contact the course creator. Maybe through the forums. If not. then I guess the Staff could make you contributor so you can edit mistakes from there? Or they can edit it, Not sure…

(Powerstaffo) #3

Hi, i’ve already tried to contact the course creator by summoning him in a group, but without results. i think i’ll wait for instructions. Thank you though!