Problem with my ignored course

Hey guys,

I’ve finished the entire official course in Memrise (levels 1 to 7) long ago.

I speak Portuguese (Brazil) > English (US)

Then, some months ago I ignored all the words from these courses and they stopped appearing in my public profile.

Now I’d like to show them again and eventually redo some lessons, but I can’t. When I click “Get started now” I get the following message:

Course completed! :tada:
You’ve completed learning on this course (good job!). Why not head back to the dashboard and review your words, or learn another course?
Go to dashboard
Report bug

Is something I can do?

Sadly, Memrise continues to refuse to make things easier for learners. Particularly with difficult words there really isn’t much to help you with them.
The only way I know for you would be to - on the web! - open a course and then:

  • click on every level/chapter in the course
  • click the “Ignore” button near the top
  • either remove the ignore-flag manually for the desired items OR click the all/none buttons above the list
  • scroll down to the end and click Save

Good luck and a whole lot of patience …


Hello, Olaf. Thanks for the response.

I use memrise only via browser. Unfortunately it’s not possible doing it manually. I can remove the ignore-flag only in courses that I’ve already enrolled, and I’ve quit all seven courses long ago.

When I click to start the course again (to try your suggestion) I get the message from my first post.

Hi @Olaf.Rabbachin and @memrisesupport, have you met this quirk?

Can you help please?

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That’s pretty odd. Here’s how this works on my end. I choose an arbitrary course and then go into a level where I can click the Ignore button:

After that I can click either All or None or I can manually check/uncheck single items:

A shot in the dark: this might not be available on your end due to the browser you are using. Memrise recommends Chrome, I am actually using Firefox.


The issue may be because the whole course is ignored (if I understand it correctly).

First I think that I ignored each level in each course, and then I quit the seven courses (I don’t remember exactly).

I think that at that time I wanted to keep the seven courses in my profile, but not showing the number the words to review (so I ignored). But after a while I was looking for a minimalistic interface ( :sweat_smile:) and quit all of them, but I thought I could restart the courses again.

Yeah, all of the other courses (that I haven’t ignored/quit/etc) work as yours for me.

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Hi @cmns. This is indeed a known bug on the Classic Memrise experience. If users quit a completed course, they are unable to review or restart it. As we are currently focused on rolling out our new web experience, I’m afraid we won’t be looking to fix this in the near future. To get around this, I’d recommend setting up a new account to learn English US or starting the English UK course. We apologise for the frustration caused by this.


Hi, @MemriseSupport.

It’s not very practical to start the course again (both in my account or in a new one), I just wanted to review quickly part of them. Besides that, with a new account I wouldn’t have my premium membership.

Well, let’s wait for the new web experience and hope to don’t have situations like this one anymore.

Thanks everyone for the time spent trying to help me :wink:

starting the English UK course

Dear @MemriseSupport, as a ‘good will gesture’ (compromise), could you attach the UK courses to @cmns 's profile and auto-grow them (ie complete them) for him.

Then as he revises each course, he might either get words wrong or he could set difficult words himself.


@cmns please let me know if you’d like for us to do this or we can also port your subscription to a new account.


This is a good alternative.

@MemriseSupport, you can do what was suggested by @DW7, it’s easier to manage only one account.

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Hey, @MemriseSupport, still waiting here. :sweat_smile:

Hi @cmns so sorry for the delay. After looking into this, unfortunately it doesn’t look possible for us to change these settings on a user account. However, I have followed up with our developers to double check if there’s any other way around this.
To test this, I had to change your password. Please check your DMs.


Hi @MemriseSupport,

Thanks for looking at this but I’m puzzled.

I’ll clarify what I meant.

As I understand it, he has completed the American versions.

If @cmns now starts the UK version of all courses (which I assume is allowed) …

You make him a temporary contributory of the 7 courses, then logging in as him, you could auto-grow them.

Finally you delete him as a contributor.

So when he next loggs in, he has the 7 UK versions fully grown which he can then revise.

So @cmns, perhaps the first part is to see if you can start the UK courses and report back.

(You might need to change your native language.)

Sorry for my persistence.


@DW7 Unfortunately, official Memrise courses don’t work the same as Community-created courses. We have no option to add contributors on official courses. I was only able to make this change for @cmns in staging using the developer tools available, but the changes didn’t come through in production unfortunately.

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Thanks for trying @MemriseSupport .

Guess there should be a warning pop up when people are about to ignore levels etc that if all levels are ignored they will NOT be able to return to it.

I see no need for WhatsApp groups as all ‘chatting’ can be on this safer space and organised into topics.