Problem with Languages mixing

I have been having this problem where when testing, I am prompted with the word in English and given English answers. It has gotten so bad at times that I am able to figure out the answer simply by looking at which word is in Arabic not English giving me only one option. I checked my database for the course that I made and there is no English words int he Arabic collum. This problem exists on both the web and the app.

Are you the course creator?
It seems that some entries in this course’s database start with and Arabic word and others with English. And/or in the second column. Visually:
(example from French because I don’t know Arabic)
French - English
avec - with
without - sans
Now, when presenting ‘avec’, Memrise (to my knowledge) will (semi-)randomly display 5 words from the second column as possible answers, plus the right answer of course.

Goto your database (Edit course -> Database) to check. E.g. search for ‘mother’ and ‘egyptian’ and see whether the entries are in the same column as ‘area’ or in the other column. To fix them all might be a lot of work…

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Posting a screenshot of your database might also be helpful :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I thought I’d bump this thread rather than start a new one on the same subject:

My problem is simple, ideally I’d like to test vocab in both colums A and B, i.e. when a B word is prompted I’m presented with A word answers and vice versa, but instead I’m presented with words from both columns A and B.

Q. Is is possible to ensure that only B answers are presented when prompted with A. If so, how do I do that?

So far I’ve only added five items so it’s very easy to see that there isn’t any accidental crossover. Here are two screenshots (edit: I can only provide one bcos new user):


@JWalker, If I understand correctly, then the way to accomplish this is to:

  1. Clone your level
  2. In the Level 1 settings, change the testing direction to be Column A :arrow_right: Column B
  3. In the Level 2 settings, change the testing direction to be Column B :arrow_right: Column A

The entries in both levels should be tied together, so if you edit an entry in one level, the changes should still show up in the other level :slight_smile:

However, my personal recommendation is that if you want to test in both directions with languages that use different keyboards, then you may want to create two entirely separate courses, because otherwise you constantly have to switch keyboards while reviewing, which is painful.

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