Problem with courses with multiple images

This is not so much a bug as an oversight, unforseen consequence or a [Feature Request].
@MemriseSupport please feel free to move it to wherever you think is appropriate.

On the Android I think I have noticed a change in the way courses with multiple images behave.

When learning, initially I am only shown one image.

There is no way to see alternatives.

While learning (growing the plant) or revising (watering) I can be shown an alternative image that I have seen before.

When I get it wrong, I am only shown the first image again, and not the image I was shown and got wrong, making it harder to learn.

Before, only one image was ever shown, but being shown another image is a great improvement, except I have no way of learning it.

On the web, one can of course ‘swipe’ to see other images.

Examples of courses are nature courses or art (paintings).

Have others noticed this too?

Eg UK Trees - Fruit/Flower Identification

Hi @DW7,

Thanks for your post.

When you say I can be shown an alternative image, do you mean of the same item (e.g. the leaf of the plant), or an alternative item?

Do you have any screenshots to explain the issue?

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Memrise team


Yes, although a tree or flower can have more than one image only one is shown on the App initially but when starting to learn it I could be shown an alternative image for the same plant that I haven’t seen.

May I suggest you look at level 3 of the above course on the Android App - I’m sure you’ll notice it very quickly.

As I am not a Contributor to the above course (yet) I can not show you the input screen that would show that there are multiple images, but I can show you this, the two mages I can see on the web for Box: …

Note the right and left arrows on the web to allow one to see alternative images.

This is also true to the learning and revising phase but only when shown the image and one has to select the name from 6 or 8 alternatives.

But not if shown the name and have 4 images to choose from, but at least by then I will have been able to see all the images.

(The same is true of art courses)


Thinking about it, on the MemrRise language courses (eg Italian) virtually all phrases have several video clips and also an audio clip (or two).

On the App it is possible to preview a video clip and an audio clip but not when learning, but one can be presented with one of several clips.

But of course the phrase is identical.

Hi @DW7 ,

Thanks for getting back to us- I see what you mean now :slightly_smiling_face: We’ve created a bug report for this (internal code QA-772). It’s also true of the iOS app, so I’ve added this issue to the Known iOS Bugs and Known Android Bugs threads for tracking.

I hope this helps.

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Memrise team.


See this Bug list:

Known Android Bugs- Please read before creating a new thread

A quick observation indicates that on the Android App, although we can’t see all images for an entry, each time we are tested, we see a different image.

This is an improvement.