Problem with courses with multiple images in Web Alpha

This is not so much a bug as an oversight, unforeseen consequence or observation.
@MemriseSupport please feel free to move it to wherever you think is appropriate.

On the Web Alpha revision I think I have noticed a change in the way courses with multiple images behave.

When learning, initially I am able to scroll through multiple images (as always).
[This is better than the Android App where it is not possible.]

However when revising (watering) I am shown only one image that I have hopefully seen before.
ie I can not scroll to a more familiar image.

When I get it wrong (in ALPHA), I am only shown one random image, and not the image I was shown and got wrong, making it harder to learn.

Examples of courses are nature courses or art (paintings).

Have others noticed this too?

Eg UK Trees - Fruit/Flower Identification

Although it is a more thorough testing method (which is good) I have now noticed a problem as the top image is no longer shown.

This is a problem with a course where one image is not a photo but the Latin description.

Common & Native Plants of Britain - by marysiakay - Memrise


I have decided I prefer this Alpha testing mode on the web, but I will have to solve the problem by moving the Latin images to a new column (which as a Contributor I am not able to create).

My solution was to move a familiar image to the top (first position) so it always appeared and avoided the Latin name (as an image) appearing.

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