Problem selecting a course

I have two almost identical courses (although this issue may be more wide spread) and if I select the second course to revise (water) it presents me with questions from the first (current course).

I’ve tried refreshing (by pulling down) but not logging out.

It does eventually work, but just testing by swapping back had the same problem.

I’ve not noticed that before.

Do you need more information?

Perhaps wait to see if others experience it too.

Hi @DW7, this sounds like the same issue as here: Selecting a new course gives previous courses lessons - #6 by LarBoylan. Can you please confirm if the issue still occurs after the latest update?


Many thanks.
It was a problem this morning, but I’ll see if it needs an update and check again.

PS Just doing an update :slight_smile:

PPS it looks solved - thanks. :white_check_mark: :star2:

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