Problem of audio in ios app

I create a course by my self named ''Four corners 2", then for audio parts, i recorded my voice and save it. I went to setting part of my course and turn on the click for audio mode enable. I usually use my memrise application on my iphone to learn and review, but there was not any of voices. what should i do? please help me to use my records of each words in my memrise app.

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I tried your course on my iPad and on my android app. I could hear the audio ok on both, so there is nothing wrong with the audio files.

On your app, when you open the ‘level’ page and tap on one of the items, are you seeing a loudspeaker icon below the item? If so, when you tap on that icon, do you hear the audio? It is possible to check this way on the android app but maybe it’s not possible on the iOS version.

I am not sure why you are not hearing anything if you have checked the app settings and have the audio button turned on there. You could try logging out and back in again. That sometimes clears ‘glitches’. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling the app and then re-installing it again. Your learning progress will not be lost but make sure you use the same user name and password. Good luck!


*edit: Shortened the youtube link

I would like to add to this, I’ve just recently been trying on the web version and I can also hear the audio fine.

Here is a video with an example of the audio I mean to help troubleshooting:
(apologies for getting so many wrong, admittedly I didn’t spend more than ~10 minutes testing so not much of it actually sunk in)