Problem in my course

In my program above
When the program gives three sound options for the word they all be selected to be one vote for the same word.
I want to have three words, each word meaning is different from other
Who has the solution to this problem every thank him

Can you explain what you mean?

I assume when you say “program” you mean “course”, and that you are linking to a course that you created. Yes?

Sound is never a “vote” for anything in memrise, so that part of your post is confusing.

Also, I previewed the first two levels of your course and I didn’t find any duplicates, nor any items that had multiple audio recordings. Each item in your course is a word or short phrase in Arabic with the corresponding word or short phrase in English, and a single audio recording of that English.

You certainly have more than three words in the course!

So, I don’t understand at all what you are saying. Please explain more clearly?

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I read the OP’s question as referring to the audio test which offers you 3 possible answers to a test question and when you hover your mouse over “1”, “2” and “3” you [should] hear three different answers to choose from (what the OP refers to as “vote”).

The OP seems to be saying that he/she is hearing the same word/phrase for all three options. But I could be wrong…

It seems that he is having a problem with the multiple choice questions: the same answer is displayed.

This may or may not be related, but do the single, intitial, medial, and final letters sound different? When presented with, for example, “ba,” and given a choice between single or initial, I do not know which to choose. Thank you for any help.

I noticed the same problem right away. In my experience, there is no change to the sound of any Arabic letter related to whether it is single, initial, middle, or end. Yet quite a few of the audio quizzes give the sound of a letter, and offer more than one answer that is the given letter. E.g., the audio can say “ح” but then offer a choice for “ha-single”, “ha-middle”, etc. There is no way to tell which choice is correct, yet if the student chooses the wrong position, the exercise is marked incorrect. I view this as a deficiency, but it would be easily correctable if the choices given as answers only showed the correct letter for one answer, and would omit any mention of the letter’s position in a word.

Hey @KipZonderwoon!

We are currently working on this and hopefully soon this issue will be resolved!
As I am sure you can imagine, Arabic having such a unique and variable script has made developing it very tricky! But we are not giving up :muscle: it will be fixed asap :sunglasses:

Thanks for posting!

Arabic Specialist at Memrise

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