Probable bug: "ghost" words in Russian I course or the mystery of the missing lesson 12

Hello there,

I’m having a strange bug in my Russian I course. Basically even though I finished the entire course, it tells me that I have 6 more words to learn:

Notice that no words have been ignored but the lessons skip from 11 to 13 with nothing in between. EDIT: I just noticed that a few others are missing: 2, 6 and 9. That’s really odd, surely there aren’t only 5 words overall in those 4 missing lessons?

Even stranger (and maybe related), Memrise always tells me that I have 8 words to review (visible in the screenshot as well) but it doesn’t actually let me review them:

(Notice that I have both the “old” Russian I course and the new one, could it be the cause of the problem?)

If I click the “global” review button at the top, next to the language selection dropdown, I get an error:


I get the same error if I click the “learn new words” button on the finished-but-not-really Russian I course as well. It makes sense, there are actually no words to review or learn.

If I click on the “Classic review” button on the Russian I course it starts a review for 95 words, so basically it does what it’d do if I had no words ready to review yet by picking other words from the lesson. Why 95 words though? Normally it should be 100 with my settings. More ghosts I guess:

So in other words there’s something really odd going on. Since this is a brand new course maybe it’s been modified while I was doing it and something became incoherent?

If somebody knows how to fix that I’d appreciate it, it’s not a huge deal but it makes quite a mess on my Memrise page.

Hi @fvzvnf :slight_smile:

This is a known bug and is scheduled to be fixed. You can follow the subject through the link:

It’s the same situation I mentioned earlier to another user. I will put below the previous post:


Oooh, okay that makes sense. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

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