"Probability Theory and Statistics (Introduction)" by @azrael42 : Errors (and Other Feedback)

This course is great, I love it, and it has very few errors (and I’m not yet sure if it has more than one, I haven’t verified the others yet). But I am sure about this error (it is just a small slip of the pen that could happen to anyone):

In Level 14 " Definitions/Rules V (Continuous)",

“The formula for P((a, b]) that defines a unique probability measure P on the Borel algebra of ℝ associated with a given cumulative distribution function F.”

is listed as

“F(a) - F(b)”

but should be

“F(b) - F(a)”

Maybe the creator @azrael42 can correct it?

See (for example) Cumulative distribution function - Wikipedia , subsection “Definition”, equation 2.

Again, thank you, it’s a very good course!

(P.S.: This is my first post here and I hope I’m doing the markdown formatting right, particularly with the mathematical symbols.)