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(Jollyolya) #1

I am studying 3000 most common Finnish words course. 1. I bought a Pro version to use a speed review in iOS, but after the purchase no Pro features appeared, except for the first letter hint. 2. I cannot download the course for offline usage, there is always a connection problem, but everything is fine with my internet connection. The app even crashes sometimes when I try to download the course. 3. For some reason, I cannot search for Finnish courses in the app, I can find then only in the web version.
I have created a bug report weeks ago, but noone contacted me.

(only an user) #2

Hello. I’m not part of the Memrise team (I’m just an user), but I’ve read some information in the forum that can help you:

  • Around the beginning of the year, the course search in the app will show only the courses created by Memrise. You can continue to learn any course in the app (created by Memrise or created by users), but for courses created by users, first you need to research the course on the web, and begin the course (for example, study at least 1 word). After that, the course will be added to your learning list and you’ll be able to study it in the app.

  • Regarding the download, there is a topic that comments on this subject for android app. Even your being app for IOS, should be the same problem (in this topic, MemriseMatty, which is part of Memrise’s team, wrote a post about the current situation). The link is:
    Can't download any of my courses on my Android Phone
    At Memrise Support it is also written:
    “The app may struggle downloading very large courses (3,000+ items). We are working to improve the capacity for future updates.”

(Marcus W) #3

Not all pro features are available in the unofficial courses, at least not on iOS.

Here is another thread on the download issues on iOS: Offline mode

(khx333) #4

The pro version is/was designed for the Memrise provided courses, not for the user generated ones. It even has features missing from the Android version.

I hope Memrise changes their mind – user generated course is one of the key features of spaced repetition. The concept is that you learn something you have a personal interest in.