Pro user: "Sorry there was an error loading the section"

(Bodmass) #1

Hi, on a Samsung S5

I’m trying to load my own set for revision (having completed it once).

I can use it through the website, no problems. I can’t get anything other than this message when I try to use it through my (same phone I used to use it on). Doesn’t matter if it’s been downloaded for offline use or not. I’ve clicked restart to go back to the start of the set (it was completed) & that hasn’t helped.

How do I get it to work on my phone again?

(Akiratee) #2

i have the same problem with Japanese 3. Learn new words doesnt work and show the same error on the app. Pro user too.

Uninstall or deleting data doesn’t work.

This is disappointing, please fix fast. Thanks