Pro membership with a community created course

The only reason I have a pro membership is for my course but it’s community created. Now that we’re moving to decks, I have basically wasted a years worth of money because it takes one instalment. The fact that there is no app or offline version is so troublesome to me. I just got my money taken off of me, will I get a refund? I literally have no use for memrise if not for this course.


Just cancel the subscription. I doubt Decks will be long-lived, unfortunately, as users will abandon this app due to cancellations and bad reviews. Now, there’s a place for a new commercial app that actually takes care of users…

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I’m ready to jump ship.

@tiffahkay I am sorry to hear that. If you want to send a message to our Support team to discuss your subscription, I’ll make sure we respond to you promptly. Here’s the link

Is this shit even real? I searched all the posts and there is no explanation or reply from an official.

I think they are scared of the community courses that give memrise a bad name as some of them are not entirely correct. When you hear about pros and cons, the only con that everyone mentions is that.

There has been a massive shift in the apps trying to oversimplify everything (iphone don’t have ignore word button or function lol) to target even the most casual of the user hence the space design of the app…

I will probably … hmm not probably cancel my subscription as there will no use of it. Why would someone pay a sub when most memrise courses are for someone who just started in the language?

If there was ranking and commenting on user-provided courses then this issue of bad courses would have been moot.

Even better, a system to send feedback to the course owner about errors. But that was missing, too.