Pro features from Spain Spanish

Not sure if the developers read this forum but it would be nice to have the same pro features from spain spanish on the latin american one. I bought pro thinking that I would be able to take advantage of those but it seems that I really did not get much from it. Even if I could just have parallel progress in both so that I can use the pro features where the words that are the same carry over. I really don’t want to restart from spanish 1 to use these features. Especially since I am more interested in latin american spanish than spain spanish.


I just recently became a “Pro” member and I really feel let down. I saw all the cool features and wanted to try them, but many are missing from this course. I only saw the intro to “Chat bot” in the lesson 1 area, but now, that too is gone. Where’s the “Learn with locals”, “Chat bots” and “Grammar bots”?

None of the really cool stuff is here.
Now, I’m still in Lesson 3, but I figured at least some of the stuff would be here.

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