Pro account doesn’t work - Android

I have bought the memrise pro yearly subscription pack and I have not received any of the memrise pro benefits on my android app. I can see the subscription on my Google payments center but not the Google play store. The GPA number is GPA.3314-0616-5949-68096. I hope someone can fix this issue for me. I saw a post tagging @MemriseMatty for this. Hopefully, someone can sort this out.

Hi @josephdaniel0718 , and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Have you tried following the information in the Memrise FAQ?

If you’ve already tried it and it didn’t work, you can tag MemriseSupport (MemriseMatty no longer works at the company).


Hi there,

I can see that the payment was cancelled for some reason and you were not charged :disappointed: Please check your Google Play account for further details.

I’d advise trying again and visiting Google Support to troubleshoot any other payment issues :slightly_smiling_face: But also feel free to get in touch via or in the app for further assistance.



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