Preview previews ignored items

When I ignore a word, the preview still shows them.


  1. Open a level on the website; it shows the list of words from that level, with a Level-Dashboard above telling how many words there are and how many are learnt.
  2. Press Ignore button
  3. Click ‘All’
  4. Uncheck one of the words in the middle (i.e. unignore)
  5. Press the ‘Save’ button at the bottom.
  6. Click Options -> Preview; the preview starts with the first word in the level, even though that word is ignored, in stead of starting with the word that is NOT-ignored.

I wanted to cycle to a level where most words were ignored to view the mems. Didn’t work :frowning:
Actually that brings me on a feature request: allow the user to click on any word in the list, and view the entries properties, i.e. all extra field (for example such as Gender, Pronunciation, Notes or whatever the Course Creator added) and the mems, and if applicable, the streak-count.

@memrisesupport - Do you think this will be fixed? I can understand if it isn’t. Just let us know.

that is definitely not a bug. It is useful as feature in knowing if you want to un-ignore an item for various reasons


Didn’t think of that. That is true.
At the same time, it is called ‘preview’ - suggested that the feature is intended for pre-learning.
Basically, this are two different uses: a view and a preview, each requiring different functionality. The view to see them all (for this a ‘back’ button in the preview would be helpful). And the preview doing only the not-ignored for pre-learning.

“suggested” - you know, to each its own. I use it to check if a course has audio and or to ignore/unignore items. Never for prelearning :))

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Right. If it’s indeed intended just to view, perhaps it could just b called it ‘View’ :wink:; ‘Preview’ seems to a misnomer in that case (pre=before as in before learning; before what else?). Anyway, we understand now how it works :+1:t4: :grinning:, and that it’s not going to be split into two feature any time soon, if ever.