Pretty sure this is a fake account,

i dont know, maybe it should be deleted, maybe not, just though I was let someone know that there is a random account following tons of people and it probably is not real.

Yes, this whatever-it-is has a lot of accounts. Must be the same thing because they always have that weird spam mem. I just ignore them, you know. You get bots and spammers all over the place. Though, I guess it might be disheartening to realise all your followers are fake accounts…

Yeah at least half are fake lol, it is what it is though, nothing can really be done about it. Guess it wouldnt hurt for memrise to have a report button for things though.
Thanks for the follow, follow’d ya back, if we ever end up learning enough of the same language, maybe I’ll try and practice speaking it with ya sometime.

Just had read your other comment now as well, so yeah I will defiantly consider speaking with you sometime if I do decide to go down the German route. Thanks for the offer man

There was a topic for a block button to block un wanted Followers [Feature Request] Block follower mabey you could go on there and suggest a report button as well

Good to bring this up. Many accounts have had such strange mems as listed in this Topic. Ive invited @MemriseMatty to the topic to delete it :blush:. Happy Memrising

's no bother. All practice s good practice, after all. Good luck with the scary scary Japanese!

In my opinion. As ive been learning japanese. It can be “scary” but fun. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what it is about East Asian languages that freaks me out so much, as it’s not the writing system… I guess because they tend to be syllabary and tonal. I’m pretty much tone deaf, so that’s not helpful. I have a friend who speaks Japanese and he says it’s all very logical, if you can come to grips with learning so many characters.

Yeah. Its tough learning all the 224 characters in Japanese. But when you know it, its a fun experience to learn about this language that is almost completely different to the English language but yet, so close. I think learning an East Asian language can be really helpful and if youre good. Quite relaxing.

To be honest, I think I have more of a niche in the Germanic languages. I like Middle English, Icelandic and the like, and haven’t had much trouble learning multiple dialects therin, either. It seems cowardly, but I mostly stick to what I know I’m capable of. Whereas, though I can read Japanese characters just fine (while having no idea what each word actually means), I don’t seem to be able to retain new words – I have tried, believe me. I have a similar problem with Finnish.

Also quite ironic as i am using the Korean 1 course right now.

Thanks for reporting this @wolveseyes.

eath28539ⴰ is following me, in addition to 335 others, that “person” have learned 3 words up till now, and has’t been learning any languages! I have 2 other followers similar to this. We really need a ‘block’ button.