Pressing the Grammar Levels in my Course Not Displaying Properly

Home Screen > Vertically scrolling list of Levels > Press any “Grammar” level > screen comes up with 3 sections. First section seems to do nothing but maybe it is not supposed to do anything. Middle section has text cut off and cannot be scrolled, so unusable. Third section does nothing when examples are pressed. Again, it is unclear whether this 3rd section is supposed to have functionality. Basically, nothing is usable on this screen.

I believe you are talking about the grammar level screen.

Unusable has quite bad connotations so I would rather say there is no direct user action in the screen. That is correct, on that screen, ONCE you have learnt those grammar rules, you can only see the rules you have learnt, but there is no other action there. This is partly because Grammar Review has not been implemented on Android yet, so you cannot review those grammar rules at the moment.

We are aware of the text being cut off on the description but there is no bug here. This screen is just an informative screen that shows you what you have learnt.