Pressing enter causes next typing test word to be wrong before trying

This changed overnight. Yesterday (or for about 7 years previously) there was no problem.

Previously, I have been able to hit ‘enter’ after choosing a correct answer or typing a correct answer, to skip over the audio repetition if I don’t want to hear it and jump through my courses faster. Today, this works fine as long as the next word or phrase is not a ‘type your answer’ test. If it is a ‘type your answer’ test, it marks it wrong (while being completely empty) as if I had hit enter on it, and not the previous one. So it’s like it’s queuing up the enter and applying it to the next word or phrase, not the one I actually hit enter on.

I’ve checked this on Chrome (cache cleared), Firefox and Microsoft Edge (that I have never used Memrise on). The behaviour is identical in each.

Sadly, I won’t be able to do my Memrise until this is fixed, as with the number of courses I review every day, I won’t have time to do them if I can’t use the keyboard shortcuts.


I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. I thought it might have been a Windows update, but apparently not. Memrise need to fix their app… ever since that stupid forced update back in January, everything has just gotten worse and worse.

Why not just keep the old style which was much better? Every other part of the website is still the old style? They just got rid of consistency by introducing a worse system. (Sorry for the rant)


Thank you for the report, we are looking at this.

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Having the same problem. Relieved to know that I am not the only one. Hope it gets resolved soon, don’t want to break my streak but also don’t want to practise with such an annoying bug.

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Having spoken to a friend, this has been happening for a while for them, not new today. So it might have just happened when I rebooted overnight and Chrome cleared its cache or something.

Hi all, this should now be resolved.
We had made a change this morning to improve the site’s accessibility and that had some unexpected side effects so we’ve reverted the change.
Sorry for the inconvenience


Thanks James. Confirmed as working properly now. Really appreciate the speedy fix!

have the same issue, but this changed from yesterday to today.
now when i press enter to tell my japanese IME that i want to select a specific auto-complete selection, memrise is automatically submitting my answer even if i didn’t even wanted to submit yet. because of this, i can’t type in any answer anymore since it now thinks everytime i want to submit a answer even if i’m not done writing them yet… this broke completly everything for me and i can’t comlete any training anymore.

video: Memrise Autocomplete Bug Japanese IME - YouTube

first section of the video shows the bug, second part how it usually worked and should work.

completly broke over night… :c