Postigo = “wicket”?

I’ve been reading in Diário de Notícias about closed bookstores. A word is google-translated “wicket,” which I don’t understand:

“as portas estão fechadas e nem a venda ao postigo é permitida.”

“the doors are closed and not even wicket sale is allowed.”

I’m assuming they’re talking about books sold on tables outside—maybe “sidewalk sales.” Wondering, is “wicket sale” just an awkward translation, or is it more like a Britishism I’m not familiar with?

Obrigado . . .


Another translation for ‘postigo’ is window so now your sentence makes more sense:

“the doors are closed and not even window sale is allowed.”

Thanks so much, Colin! Now that I dig deep in Google Translate, I do see that meaning. Yes, finally making some sense!