Possible sign word mix-up

This is to Diane S., American Sign Language instructor. I am currently taking your ASL courses, which I am pleased with so far. But I have noticed that the signs for “during” and “dumb” in ASL 3 look the same. Is that ppossibly a mistake or must another sign be used before or after to determine the word in a sentence?

searching in the fora with “american sign” gave this:

I’m glad you like the course! Yes, that is a mistake in the course, which should be fixed now. Here is what the sign for “dumb” should look like:
Which is a little bit how I feel for taking so long to correct this! It was also mentioned in my course forum, which @Hydroptere has shared above; feel free to direct any further questions or comments about this course there. Thanks! :slight_smile:


And thank you very much for that clarification. However, I have noticed another similarity in level 11 on ASL3: Difficult and Decide seem to share the same sign. Possible mistake or should another sign follow it or be followed by it to determine the word?

Diana S. please disregard that last message. I saw the corrections. Thanks again. And I apologize for misspelling your name. Lol

Hi, this is for Diana S. I also have a question about a possible sign mix-up. I have previously learned that this is k: A peace sign with your thumb in between your pointer finger and your middle finger. However, in ASL 1, it says that k is like crossed fingers- isn’t that r? I am still a beginner, and may be wrong, your course has been really helpful! Thanks!

You are correct, the sign you described is the sign for K and one with crossed fingers is R. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

Thank you!

I reviewed ASL 1 and the letters K and R seem to be correct; are you still experiencing this issue?