Portuguese (Portugal)

I have finished level 5 but I do not see any more levels to download.
I thought there were more.
Is level 5 the end?

Did you mean the ‘official’ courses produced by Memrise? You have posted in the “Community-Created Courses” topic. The ‘official’ courses go up to 7. Here’s a link:

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Yes I meant the memorize created course.
I do not see any level available in my app above 5. I used to see it, however. Maybe it is a bug in the new software.

Yes, others have reported bugs with recent updates to the apps, so it could be that. I´ve just had a look at my android and iOS apps and can see courses 6 and 7 on both, though. Anyway, if you open the courses on the web version, they should sync across to your app.

Good luck!

@JBorrego - Is there a ‘bug’ lurking somewhere?

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I am on the memorize website and I only see the five Portugal courses that say complete. how do I see the number six or 7.

You’ll need to pick them up from the main course list. The link I posted above should take you there. Alternatively, you can get to them by clicking on “Courses” (in the black bar at the top of your homepage) and then “Languages” > “European” > “Portuguese(Portugal)”. Here are quick links that should get you there, though:

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Thank you,

I was able to open the 2 links on my computer. Normally when I tried to get the app manually thru “Languages” > “European” > “Portuguese(Portugal)”, it only lets me download from level 1 and I didn’t want to override my completion of that level which I thought it would do.

However, the 2 levels do not show up on my android phone yet. When I open those 2 links on my phone, they open a web page not the app. So it is hard to see. Also there is no way to download those levels on my computer. I thought that might help kick in the device syncing.

Oh well, I will wait to see if the app fixes itself with a newer version. Soon, I hope, as I am paying money while waiting for the fix.

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On the android app, when you tap on the yellow “Learn another course” and then on a language, it only ever displays the first course in the relevant series (in this case “Portuguese (Portugal)1”). You then need to tap on “Browse more courses” (not on the yellow “Start learning”) and it should take you to the seven available courses in the series.

If you start learning a course on the web page, you only need to view the first item in the course and then exit. The course should then sync to your app.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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Thank you, the “Browse more courses” trick was just what I needed. Now both 6 and 7 are downloaded to my phone. They never did sync from my computer even though I started both lessons like you said.

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