Portuguese Movies, Music, T.V. Interviews, Youtube Videos, etc

Hi everyone. In order to practice listening and speaking, is it possible for native speakers to translate youtube videos of people speaking in Portuguese? I often watch Soccer interviews of Portuguese soccer players (like Ronaldo, Andre Silva, Figo, etc.) to try and understand what they are saying, and I can understand some words or phrases here and there, but It would really help If there was subtitles in Portuguese. That way you can see exactly what they are saying if you miss any words that can be hard to hear/detect for a foreign learner like myself. The auto-generated subtitles on youtube miss a lot and are almost always never correct for some reason. If anyone could help with this or give any ideas that you have I would really appreciate it!! Thanks for your time! Here’s a video for an example:

That’s really nice idea as you learn something new from every video you watch. Watching programs and movies made on their native language and makes you feel what real language tastes like, not the one you learn from textbook. I mean, if you just watch movie online and trying to translate and understand them,you already getting better.

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I think you should continue to listen to the interviews with subtitles and study literacy and that will be enough. I also listen to their interviews, with Ronaldo in particular :slight_smile: He is my favorite player and it motivates me to learn the language when I listen to him ( good site about Ronaldo https://www.ronaldo7.net/). I’m just a beginner, but I learned French in this manner.

Actually focusing on music at the moment: