Portuguese Irregular Verbs

I am trying to compile a definitive list of all irregular verbs in Portuguese in order to cross-check against 3 regular verb lists I am building, each for verbs with suffixes -ar, -er and -ir as a resource for myself and others and in order to have a seperate definitive list of irregular verbs. I will be releasing the lists on Memrise and building anki decks. There is much to do with regards to adding translations and audio for the 1000 verbs(ordered by frequency from corpus de português data) each per suffix -ar, -ir and -er I am aiming for. So far I have 150 regular -ar verbs with translations completed as a starting point but I digress.

Anyone who has a link or a definitive list or just any list, no matter how small, that they have themselves compiled of irregular European Portuguese verbs please reply to this post with your lists or request my contact details to send me .csv files or .txt files. I will greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer me in building this resource for myself to learn from currently and for others now and in the future, especially self-study students who have to dig to figure out from where and what resources we can utilise for our learning.

Also, if anyone knows of an online dictionary that will tell me the information of whether a verb is regular or irregular, so I can quickly verify each irregular verb I personally come across, send me the link!

Muito Obrigado.