Portuguese from german?

I’m currently learning Portuguese but from English. Is there an option to switch it to German - Portuguese?

Thank you

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Yes that’s exactly what I would like to do but it won’t let me. It always shows in english

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Are you using the web version or the app?

If using the web version, you may need to change the “I speak”setting in the course selection are. These links may help:

If using the app, you may need to tap the “or browse more courses” button to be able to change your default language:

Hope this helps.

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Thank you. I tried changing the settings in the web version aswell as in the app before but it didn’t take it. Does that course actually exist from german to portuguese?

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I have had a look at the course list and it looks like what they call the “official” Memrise- produced Portuguese courses aren’t currently available in German but there are a number of Portuguese courses created by Memrise users, like this one: https://www.memrise.com/course/80443/portugiesisch-wortschatz-1/

If you look under “All categories” then European languages, to get to the Portuguese courses you’ll find more if you scroll down below the “official’ ones,

Sorry I can’t be any more help!

Oh that’s too bad. Explains why I tried for days and didn’t get it into german… Thank you. You’ve been great help!

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It’s strange that the App/Web does that, because the link specificically points to german->portugese. Probably an unknown feature automatically detecting and reverting to the ‘I Speak’ language?

I have tested it, and see the same behavior as @LeeAnn81 sees.

In fact, the language ‘I speak’ is clearly German. But the courses shown are English - see the description: it shows an English description, not German, and indeed the levels are all in English. See picture.

Or there are no German->Portugese courses, and it shows the second best, which is then apparently Eng-> Port.

Or it is simply a bug.

For Portuguese EU/Portugal variant you could try this user-created course: https://www.memrise.com/course/1552091/portugiesisch-mit-system-langenscheidt/

If you are learning Portuguese Brazil, I heard good things about the German “Oi, Brasil” book; it was a recommendation from someone on DuoLingo: https://www.memrise.com/courses/german/portuguese-brazil/?q=oi

Die VHS Volkshochschule scheint dieses Buch einzusetzen…manche Instruktoren nehmen andere Bücher für Portugiesisch; diese findet man in der Detail-Kursbeschreibung auf der VHS Seite aufgelistet.

There are some more courses (chapters) on Memrise from a second German book “Falar … Ler … Escrever … Português”: https://www.memrise.com/courses/german/portuguese-brazil/

Memrise courses from e.g Manuala just contain in the title “Unidade”…
However, I do NOT know this book or have used it personally to learn PT.

If you want to learn PT BR (incl. PT-EU accepting alternative answers) on DuoLingo, you can only do this by using L1 English - L2 Portuguese (forward tree); there is not any German base/source course either.

Only the Duo reverse tree Portuguese-German supports German; but IMHO it is only the 2nd step (after you know basic PT) as you have to write on a higher level in Portuguese and the Subjunctive sometimes pops up in reverse tree out of nowhere…

Maybe you can use a Firefox addon for translating marked English text…or a programmer releases a user script which translate the English word/sentence by hitting a hotkey…just an idea.

although I am not answering user requests anymore, because one day soon Memrise will shut down completely the web site and therefore I shall leave memrise and delete all my courses, here the link to my own course: https://www.memrise.com/course/1010061/3-fortgeschrittene-1/ (Nomina mit oder ohne Artikeln; mit Synonymen, Konjugationen, etc. ~95% Audio (meistens Muttersprachler). Foto Rossio/Praça de D. Pedro IV da Baixa de Lisboa. Bem Vindo e Boa Sorte!)


Forget to tell you about 50languages / Goethe Verlag Book 2:

www.50languages.com: 100 days course with native recorded MP3s - also available from German (I tried DE-PT BR, but PT EU is also available!)

German-PT-EU: http://www.goethe-verlag.com/book2/DE/DEPT/DEPT002.HTM (addon incl. vocabulary to the MP3 text course or Android app)

Hi @LeeAnn81!

Thanks for your message.

In fact, we still don’t have an official Portuguese course taught in German (either European or Brazilian Portuguese).

You can try the user-created courses (among all options sent by other fellow users here), or use our official version taught in English. The great thing about our European Portuguese course is that you can benefit from the “Meet the locals” mode, all other resources and a good load of content, didactically split in 7 modules (from Portuguese 1 to 7).

Let me know if I can help you with anything else!


Ignacio C.

PS: Taking the opportunity, thanks for all of you guys who promptly answered this topic as well with other nice suggestions! =)

Thank you all for your answers. I will just continue my english to portuguese course that I have started. Would have been great to switch to german but at least now I know it wasn’t me being unable to find it!

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