Poll: what do you think of Decks?

Ok. As most of us are, I’m quite opposed to this new “Decks” idea, doesn’t this overcomplicate things? This new “innovative”, “mobile-friendly” sister website is just a mistake, why move user created courses onto a different site? It’s bizarre and confusing and yes, irritating. Just my view. :confused:

  • Decks Sounds Great!
  • I can’t really take a side here.
  • I’m against Decks

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Be sure to vote so we can get our views across.


I don’t understand why they are doing that it makes no sense even business wise.If they want community courses and official courses they could simply create two section in the same website and app.


@MarshallLanguages @ismail.ghedamsif3 our CEO Ed published a post on our blog just now to expand more on our reasons for launching Decks and to answer some of the questions you’ve raised

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I’m sorry, was it entirely necessary to double-post your propaganda? Most all are watching the other, main thread of outrage, believe me.

Furthermore, all this blog post says in a thinly veiled manner is that community’s not the future of Memrise, it makes no money and, to be quite frank, is harming our ability to grow as a business. Basically… Also, we’re not going to take your complaints on board, even though we have sort of heard them (we might not have really listened to what’s being said, but we get the gist… kind of).

Grats, Memrise – you came, you saw, you failed to do anything but f*ck up.


If most of the users care more about official courses than community one you wouldn’t 99.9% of people complaining.Official courses are good for introductions to languages but after that people will go to community courses.I’m not buying the argument about community courses causing bugs and even if it’s true the problem will only transfer to Decks which you won’t even support it as much as Memrise. By creating an app for Decks with offline mode you’ll spend more money but you won’t lose money for the cancelled premium account due to this awful changes you are trying to force.I guess it’s time to say goodbye to Memrise.


Yeah, that’s not a good answer Kevin and Ed.

You’re removing functionlity. Do you hear me? Updates are meant to improve. You are making it worse by dictating to your users that they cannot use User courses on the mobile app. By definition, you are making the experience worse. This cannot be spun in a flowery way, you are removing functionality for no reason.

Also, your in-house courses are NOT a rich experience. They are rudimentary, beginner courses, only designed for a limited selection of languages. The only way to improve on those is to use User courses, or to drastically increase what is available. (and by the way, I actually use your in-house course for German since I am absolute beginner. I love it, but once I am finished, I will need community courses on your app with offline mode, or else it becomes worthless to me).

Your “analysis” of the userbase shows you are just being a corporate shill that wants to appeal to the most basic form of language learners (ie. people that will never be fluent or take their learning to the next level). Very, very sad.

Please don’t make me migrate to another service that keeps up with my needs. Please. Your business analysts should be truly ashamed of themselves. No love for learning, advanced language learning, long term users, and loyal customers. Treating us all like Duolingo idiots who just want to learn 100 Italian words so we can order a flipping Pizza… Such a shame.


I find it fascinating that if Memrise can’t support simple custom content with software design, how could they then implement all the fancy new features?


They ever managed to implement any new feature but the removal of features?

In all seriousness, I doubt they can. They’ve always broken more than they fixed in their attempts to makes things better when they hadn’t even been broken in the first place. This is what happens to any company who thinks there might be some money on the horizon and gets itchy palms:

  • forget your roots
  • put commerce before community and close your ears to complaint
  • rebrand to death and only stop when you’re in the ground
  • go back on your once given word

You know, the usual model.


Yes if I was the SW manager for Memrise I would think that if simple custom content can’t be supported, how could we even implement bug free features with all the fancy new features the leaders are visioning…

In my opinion it is ok for him to repost it even multiple times. It is the CEO’s central argumentation piece to the topic and the absolutely primal statement of their side to that after all.

Doesn’t change anything that, that piece is disappointing and unconvincing. To say the least :man_shrugging:

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Aye, it’s as you say. I was just being snitty… It happens.

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I am missing fundamentally important option, along the line:

  • I agree with a move to fully supported Decks + apps; I am against the move to unsupported Decks
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@isharr should we make an official poll. Like the one for Ziggy. as Memrise is BLIND to what the users think. They may listen.

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Wow, those poll results so far. I’ve never seen such a harmonous consensus in a community.

You could make an ‘official’ poll… but let’s be fair, people seem pretty clear on this as is. Even thirty-forty votes on here, an ordinarily quiet forum, says an awful lot.

I really don’t think they’ll listen no matter how many votes you get against their plans on here because D*cks is just a pacification tactic – it’s not us they’re actually interested in; it’s all the app users who’ve never visited the forum or website, don’t know the community courses exist yet are still paying them for their ‘service’. I imagine that’s the market they hold interest for now and we’re just making a mess of the place and cramping their (admittedly questionable) style. Even if everyone who spoke out this last week on the community cancelled their membership, it probably wouldn’t touch them.

Sad times.


The only way for them to reconsider is that Decks fail when it launch and Memrise lose a lot of revenue.

ahem, how would you know that 99,99%??? “official”?

how can you hate something you never saw?

Stamping your feet does not help.

You maybe want to say, maybe: “I hate that Decks has no app with offline mode”, “I am afraid that community courses will vanish into thin air?”???


So far, there isn’t a single vote in favor of Decks. And considering the fact that many members have already cancelled their pro memberships because of this change, it’s hard to understand why Memrise is still going through with it.

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Yeah. It’s odd that even when they see that no-one in any polls created are voting in favour of Decks. They’re just acting like nothing’s happening… When we are all trying to have our say on the matter. But alas, Memrise ignores our plea for not releasing Decks. Let’s just stay optimistic and hope they eventually change their mind. :pensive:

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I imagine that memrise has already paid for the web domain and such, so it would be a gigantic waste of money to bail on it now