Poll: Should we remove the timer from the Decks website?

It won’t in itself, but every feature you make optional significantly increases the number of possible ways the software can behave (in fact, it can double that number). It’s not at all uncommon for taking some field/data that was previously always expected to be present and making it optional to cause all sorts of unexpected side effects, especially with Javascript code.
I didn’t even realise the timer was optional - but while I voted to keep it I can accept it’s not essential - other learning apps (duolingo etc.) have no timer and it doesn’t really make that much difference. If you’re honest with yourself and just accept you don’t know an answer if you can’t remember/work it out within a reasonable time frame it’s not a big deal.

Multiple person said that timer only increase the level of stress they have so it’s not really true and the more I think the more it’s more easy to remember.People who don’t want the timer would be more affected by keeping it than people who want the timer because the stress would make the first group not remember the word while the second group can still approximate the 60 seconds .

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So will the timer be removed?


Agreed. I tried the decks website to practice my Hindi during a break at work and quickly found it unusable.

Unless you use Chrome with an add-on there’s no phonetic keyboard for Hindi in Windows, so since I neither know the devanagari layout nor have devanagari characters printed on my work keyboard that option is out. But unlike the limited character options in the app (admittedly, at times too limited!), the website just dumps the entire devanagari character set for you to choose from. I can read devanagari just fine, but while I hunt through a block of 68 characters for the ones I need the timer runs out.

I can see it working well for users who can type quickly in the language they are studying, but not for all languages or even all users (the accessibility issues mentioned above are also hugely important)


Assuming you’re using Windows: have you tried the on screen keyboard? You could add your desired keyboard layouts to it (to do so, hit the Start button and enter “lang”, this should bring up the Edit language and keyboard actions. There you can click Add a language and proceed accordingly.
Provided you see a language icon in the notification area (usually at the far right of the taskbar, yours will probably show PL or POL) you can also click that and then choose Language preferences.
Of course most entries will show in Polish if that’s your default language in Windows. :wink:

Oh yes, I’m quite familiar with adding keyboards as I already have Japanese and Chinese keyboards installed. The issue is that although you can chose between a couple of keyboards for Hindi in Windows, they’re not phonetic and require knowledge of the devanagari layout, which I don’t know and isn’t printed on the keyboard. I could try pressing the keys randomly to see which devanagari character comes up, but that would be even slower!
A phonetic keyboard is apparently in the works for Hindi in Windows but isn’t here yet.

Incidentally, does my profile say I’m Polish somewhere? I’m not :slight_smile:

I should add: when I say “phonetic” I mean using the values of the QWERTY layout to spell out characters rather than a unique layout for a foreign script. Of course, all typing in Hindi is phonetic due to the nature of devanagari script, but this seems to be a common way to describe QWERTY based input in discussions online. I only now realise how vague it is!

I’m sorry, I probably confused that with some other posting!

Other than that: how do you usually work on the course? Do you have a better keyboard at home? I won’t be able to provide much further help as I know nothing about Hindi (or Hindu?) and phonetic keyboards, but this sure does sound interesting!

With all the feedback and the multitude of other forum threads it’s pretty clear that there should be an option to use the timer or not. So, is it going to happen or what?


I would love the timer to be able to be turned off or removed. It’s the only reason I don’t use the web site and just stick to the app.

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I would love to be able to turn the timer off.

Sorry for not replying before - I thought I’d leave it up to others to decide.

Personally I don’t totally mind, but I am conscious that the timer makes some phrases impossible to answer in the time (even if it’s tapping and not typing). So happy for you to remove it from Decks.

Secondly I think the timer can take the joy out from learning. Better to learn to get it right, than make a wild guess.
(It does make it seem like a class-room test! In real life I’m sure people would not mind waiting while you try to find the right words than spurt out the first thing you can think of - especially as we aren’t given a choice of 8.)

Thirdly I have read elsewhere that a lot of people don’t like it - but others (above) like it.

Finally if it simplifies things for you, that’s will probably help us too.

Is this topic still open @kevin5284? (Is the jury still out?)


Add an option to let the user activate/desactivate it.
Personally I don’t like the timer but I don’t want the people who need it to not have it

Indeed, and on a per-course basis. It should be easy for a decent engineer to make this toggleable, if not, there’s something horribly wrong with the Memrise codebase. (Maybe Memrise needs software engineering consultants?)

@kevin5284 said

“It adds complexity for us to make lots of features on Decks … optional”

I suspect there is something bad with the Memrise codebase that makes it hard. Bad engineers were hired; a good engineer knows how to not only write code, but architect software.

It’s better to just accomodate a userscript that let’s us manually disable the timer; the timer adds challenge.

Thank you for the poll, Kevin.
I would go for option 3, if there was one: make the timer configurable (with a simple ON/OFF slider on the test page):

  • ON,
  • OFF,

And if not too much work:

  • Short (as it is now),
  • Medium,
  • Long (for example very useful for Asian scripts).

Optional: Timer ON gives more points (to motivate to try hard).


For what it is worth folks: Many users have asked for it and today I discovered (probably missed the announcement) that the timer on website is configurable now, in settings:

  • Down arrow next to Profile picture -> Settings -> Learning.
    At the bottom there is a slider to turn the timer ON or OFF. :smile:

See image.

Thank you @MemriseSupport; @MemriseOwen @JBorrego


Thanks for listening Memrise. :slight_smile: This is a welcome new feature. This topic will still remain open to discuss etc.


Yes! Thank you Memrise, so happy I can use without the timer now!


Hey hey!

Yes! you have discovered this before we could let you know but this was something we had heard in the different user feedback sessions we run and in the feedback you users have consistently been giving us.

Now you have the option to have the timer enabled or disabled, which allows you to play with the concept of time scarcity in order to answer a test.

Thank you for your kind feedback, we hope you like this addition.


Thanks! Having the option is the best of both worlds.

I like the timer in most cases, but if you have a long entry (typing normally, or possibly tapping) as on some Community courses, then it’s almost impossible to beat the timer.