Poll: Should we remove the timer from the Decks website?

It adds complexity for us to make lots of features on Decks (or Memrise) optional, so if most people don’t like the timer I’d prefer to remove it. Let us know!

  • Keep the timer
  • Remove the timer

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I have a number of students who only use the app currently because they can’t type fast enough for the timer on the website. Perhaps keep the time bonus for those who are speedy, to reward them, but remove the automatic fail if people can’t respond quickly enough? I used a browser mod to remove the timer myself, despite being fast, just because if I get interrupted by life, I don’t want to have to remember to hit ‘pause’. Just my opinion.


It is not that simple. The timer is useful when you already master the material, or when the language is not totally new. It is not useful when the material to learn is hard, or when the language is totally new (e.g. a language that belongs to another language family).


It’d be nice if it was toggle-able instead of just removed :+1:t2:


Could we also toggle between the shields, Ziggy and the old ranks? So it’s a win win situation for everyone.


so, I voted for the timer, i like it. I need it


I want the timer. Most of all times. Not at all times. I’d very much prefer you to let us choose when to (de-)activate it.


Add an option to let the user activate/desactivate it.
Personally I don’t like the timer but I don’t want the people who need it to not have it


Yeah. Without the timer. There’s no element of challenge. I’m with @Olaf.Rabbachin on keeping it.


With the timer I get stressed and the timer end up being counterproductive.The more you stress the more it will take you time to remember.It can ruin the learning of experience for a lot of people.


I like @Sarigne ‘s idea!
Otherwise, I’d prefer it to be removed. Some answers are long, sometimes you need to think a little, sometimes you need to stop and forget to hit pause, etc.
But the strongest argument is that some people get really stressed and “paralyzed” by the timer, and can’t use Memrise because of it. I had to install scripts on some of my pupils’ computers so that they could use Memrise.


Oh I hate the timer, it’s the main reason why I use Memrise from the app and not the website, since I am able to. I as well am one of those who gets terribly stressed by timers and can’t think anymore.
Since some people seem to like it, I vote for a toggle, that way everybody would be happy.


If the vote for keeping the timer win would it also be on the Decks app?

I imagine, and hope, Decks app will be like Memrise app, so normal review and timed review separate, hints, autocapture, etc, unlike the website.

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Out of general interest, is it difficult to give the user extra settings they could control?

One example is different review intervals. Ben was talking about plans to adjust the review interval based on your learning a few years back. Giving the user a slider or a choice between settings should be easier than that. I like more relaxed review intervals for Spanish vs for Japanese.

I say keep the timer but also remove it. There are valid reasons for both. Removing it: the timer adds stress and you don’t want that when you’re learning. Keeping it: if you can’t manage to answer in the time allowed, you don’t know the word yet and are better off getting it wrong and reviewing it more.

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I don’t understand how making the timer enable/disable would make the code that much complex.


Whether you understand this or not is not really relevant, actually. The issue on the table is: Timer on, Timer off?

The issue is that some people want the timer and the other not and they don’t want to let the user choose because they claiming that it will make the code more complex.How is that irrelevant?

No, they are not claiming that. This is what kevin said:

Not quite the same thing. He doesn’t say anything about code here. I don’t know exactly what he means by saying “it adds complexity”, though, to be honest, it’s a bit vague.


ok then I don’t understand how it will add complexity in I don’t know what.