Points - speed of responding

Something I’ve always wondered is if the amount of points given for a correct answer also corresponds to how fast you answer, i.e. takes 30 seconds you get less points than if you respond within a minute, this across both browser and mobile apps? If so, what’s the algorithm?

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That would indeed be interesting to know. I don’t see all too much of a pattern.

The only one I have a feeling for is in the Android app during regular SRS reviews, where you’ll get 150p for a correct answer (regardless of the time) for a fully planted word that has been regularly answered correctly. If you failed to answer a question correctly, it seems that you have to “build up” the score again be repeatedly getting the answer right until you get the 150p again.
Also, you’ll get 45p for correct answers in difficult word sessions.

But that’s about as much as I have been able to work out. Everything else is “foggy”.

I think it times how fast you answer and if you do a word in less than a few seconds it adds 5 points per word.
However I don’t think the app does this. however the app awards extra points if you answer a number of words in a row, which does not exist in the website.
However, in my opinion the speed points shouldn’t exist and should count for how long the word is (e.g. there are cheat courses that work by spamming 1 and enter, and this can get you loads of points quickly) so in cheat courses you don’t get a lot of points, but make more for doing legit words
Smart, but true :ok_hand: