Please meet MemBot


We are beyond excited and proud to introduce to you MemBot, our new AI Language Learning coach powered by GPT3 and available in 16 languages! You will find MemBot in the Communicate space when you are on the Early Access version of Memrise.

MemBot is a warm and cheeky AI language coach who is there to help you learn the language of your choice through conversations in a free flow way. No heavily scripted, stale and boring conversations – MemBot talks to you in a dynamic, ever-changing way. In each conversation, you and MemBot will be role-playing different characters depending on the context.

Oh and you can both write AND speak to MemBot AND you can listen to MemBot speak to you too (yay Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech goodness!).
You can also use the translate and the hints buttons if you’re a bit stuck.

By having these fun conversations with MemBot, you can learn to speak a language without hesitation and fear of being judged, thus building your confidence and acquiring the language faster.

Head to our Communicate space now and try all the conversations that you fancy, as many times as you want!

Or try this first conversation straight away in Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

And don’t forget to let us and everyone around you know what you think!


You’d rather check your official courses for incorrect translations which are plenty.

Is this a beta or are you officially anouncing this as “ready for the public”?

This is being redirected to the dashboard here (Firefox + Chrome). In fact there seems to be some infinite redirection loop. Try a link from the list for a specific language in your announcement and then click the “back to …” at the top left (which leads you back to the dashboard instead of the chat list (or whatever should appear), then click the back button in the browser (or hit Alt-left), then watch the URL box flicker like crazy.

Also, I would have expected this to be embedded in the website, i. e. there should at least be a link that leads you there. Otherwise no one outside the forum will know about this.
Learning with the MemBot should also be generating progress (daily goal, XP, etc.), but maybe that’s yet to come?


Just tried it with Spanish on my laptop with Firefox, via the “Communicate” button on the “Official Memrise Courses” Homepage. Only stayed for the basic 5 interactions to see what happens and it worked well. Will use again.


Care to share a screenshot? I don’t see any such button.

Hi Olaf! Here you are…

Where is the official courses homepage?

For me, it’s the 1st of the screenshots in my post above, accessed from my Community Courses Homepage as below. Is it different for you?

@alanh: mine looks like this:

It seems you are using the what’s-it-called new product / beta which might the reason that the button is available on your end but not here - I’m using the “classic” Memrise and can’t switch between the old and new system.
I’ve also performed a “hard reload” in my browser, i. e. without any cache (this has been a problem for a couple of times in the past), but everything stays the same.

But that pretty much explains it - the integration has only been carried out for the “new Memrise”, not for the old one. I must say that, once again, this is quite funny as the “massive announcement” doesn’t contain any info about that, and I bet that the by far larger count of users still has no access to the “beta” which seems to only be available to new users (automatically) or to hand-picked users. :man_shrugging:t4:

@Olaf.Rabbachin : Yes. The “announcement” doesn’t make the distinction. It’s never been one of Memrise’s strong points! I’ve just had a look back at the FAQs section to see if that makes things any clearer. It doesn’t. Theres’s a 4 month old reference to Membot there but it also fails to make clear who has/will have access.

This may be the answer to @duaal 's question, too.

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Not in my menu. I am also on the old memrise.

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@duaal: Neither the announcement nor the FAQs make this clear. Usual story!

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The FAQ is usually far behind so I don’t even check there.


Same here. I just checked it out once again, just to find this article that explains that there is no way of switching between “new” and “classic” Memrise. What a shame.

@duaal: BTW, what does the “subscribe” (aboneeren) button do? Haven’t seen that one either.

It leads to

(there are two consecutive n’s and one e in “abonneren”)

Thank you for your comments
At this time MemBot is only available on the Early Access version of Memrise.
We are still working on enabling Early Access for all of our existing users, if you’d like to sample it, you can go to this link and click start free language lesson, this will bring you to the new Memrise (early access). There you’ll see our new Immerse and Communicate tabs.
Know that if you learn on this early access version, it won’t count towards your streaks on the old courses. And currently on Early Access, while we sync individual word progress, we haven’t yet calculated progress on each scenario, so it’s likely that if you click on a scenario of a course you’ve done on classic it will say you’ve already done it and move it to the practice tab.
To go back to the classic version, click on your profile in the top right and toggle “Leave early access”. You may also have the ‘Community courses’ button in the bottom left of your dashboard

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that’s referring to the old update, from January 2022, you remember that fun!

I started using it and I like it. Here are the things I like and dislike.

  1. I like how it can correct my grammar.
  2. I like how I can just type English word if I don’t know the word in the target language.

What I don’t like is that it is very short. I would like to be able to practice for at least 10-15 minutes before it resets. It starts and ends quickly. Another good thing would be to open a practice pod where we can chat and practice any topic without being limited to set topics. Thank you Memrise. :grinning:

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This is where the Italian link took me.

It worked fine on my smartphone with DuckDuckGo browser.

I tested it with
“A inghilterra” and “In inghilterra” but it didn’t correct me as only one is right.

Are we limited to only 5 questions?!