Please let us disable word spelling!


please let us disable word spelling (audio for learned language with prompt for text in learned language) when reviewing words. It’s counterproductive for languages like spanish where this is soo obvious. What I need to know is if I can translate the word, not if i can spell it. And this just wastes time especially for words that only pop up every month or so. Then I need to type in junk to fail the prompt just because i am not 100% sure i got the translation right. This wouldnt happen if you asked for translation always because then it would be clear if i got it right…
These spelling excercises are sure cool for english and french, but they are just time wasters for spanish.

Note that I still want the translation based spelling prompts. Actually I would love the option to only do review based on translation prompts because also these multiple choice style questions are wasting time. They are too easy to let you “spy” on the correct solution by accident.


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There are loads of courses created or supported by the Community.

(Access them via the web.)

Different courses offer different learning styles - eg no typing.

i think the op is addressing a certain poorly made feature of the audio review, namely having to write dictation style a word/expression (when hearing it), without means to check the translation of the spelled item (unless one clicks very fast “see word” or something.) This is in my opinion the big flaw of the current version of audio review - what good for to spell it right, if i forgot its meaning


Yep please fix :slight_smile:

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This is unrelated to courses. This is about turning off one of the … what, 5? or something different word learning prompts “foreign audio -> foreign text”.

If you mean audio tests you could turn them off. Go to your settings and select a toggle.



I am worried I am not expressing myself clearly :).
Just to clarify again:

  • I do not want to turn off audio, audio is super important
  • I do not want to turn off (all) typing tests, it is the only kind of test that really tests if you know a word

But I do want to turn off the test that asks you audio in the foreign language and then asks you to type in that foreign language without translating. That includes also the multiple choice variant of it, in fact that one is even more useless, but since i already dont like multiple choice questions, it doesnt burn as bright in memory. Maybe let us also turn of multiple choice altogether, then memrise would be perfect…

You want to turn off audio tests when you are asked to type what you hear? Try this toggle suggested earlier, it’s exactly what it does.


Hmm cool yeah you are right. Sorry. I thought this option turns off audio altogether but it really just turns off this exact thing.

Okay, now just a button to turn off multiple choice and I am happy :slight_smile:

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