Please, improve the speed review in android app

Hi there!
Well, I would like to confess that after using the web version I just cannot use the app anymore because it’s INSANELY SLOW, especially in speed review (yep, speed review is not fast at all).
In web version I can press enter to jump to the next word, but in mobile version I have to wait the pronunciation and few moments after.
Also in speed review I always get the pronunciation of the right word, but never if I made a mistake. So, basically, the app just jumps to the next word and I don’t even have a second to think about what was wrong and which one is right. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Isn’t it better to move forward really fast if the answer was right and give a second to think (and pronounce the word) if there was an error?
Maybe at least you can just add a button or something to move forward without this annoying delay?

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