Please Fix the Continue Button

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When going through new vocabulary and “learning new words”, I have found the continue button has been consistently irritating. The way that it works currently is that when you get a question correct, the “I don’t know” button is replaced with a button which says “Continue”

Clicking on this button allows you to advance the course more quickly, which is convenient for checking your knowledge quickly. The problem I experience with the button currently is that after a couple of seconds, the “Continue” button is automatically replaced with “I don’t know” as the activity moves on to the next question. This means that if you were aiming to click on it to move faster and accidentally click too late, you end up skipping the next question and getting it wrong. Personally, I think it would be better if the activity didn’t move on automatically, or if there was some way to turn this off in the settings. Does anyone else agree?

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It would be better if they just disabled the “I don’t know” button for a couple of seconds after the next word appears.

Same thing applies to the [ENTER] key, which can also be used to continue quickly to the next word. If you press it too late, you risk submitting an empty answer on the next word. They should disable the [ENTER] key for a couple of seconds as well.

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What does the “I don’t know” do???

I was going to suggest having both buttons showing all the time.

But perhaps have just one button which says both words or “continue”, so if nothing entered it assumes you don’t know or checks if you don’t know by getting it wrong.

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I agree. One second would suffice and make a huge deal.

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