Please do not dump us all into this new website before you get these bugs worked out

I had been trying to use Decks primarily for user created courses I am taking, but the site is still so buggy that I have gone back to doing most of my courses on the Memrise site while checking to see how Decks is working periodically finding it is still not up to snuff. Now I see a banner on Memrise that says:

Some of your courses are moving

We’re moving all community-created courses over to []
( to make things a little clearer around here.

Go to Decks[Read more about this]

I am starting to get the impression that we are going to be hustled out of Memrise and onto Decks before it is ready for prime time. What is the rush? While having Memrise broken up into two separate websites is going to be a hassle even if both websites are working well, it would be a real low blow to be forced onto one that is as buggy as Decks is currently.

Please at least get Decks working well before you dump all of the user created courses there.

Thanks for your consideration.


Where can we submit bugs and errors? I am now forced to use Decks and it is so below the game that I am moving over to Duolingo if things are not ironed out pretty quickly. It has really reduced my ability to go over my errors and sort out what I need to concentrate on.


@JudithAin64 can you tell us which bugs you’re seeing?

@LuluWitt42 you’re in the right section for submitting Decks bugs at the moment


Hi Kevin,

JudithAin64 mentioned some of the bugs she is still seeing in this other thread today: Like the new Decks design?

Here are some examples of the bugs I’m still seeing:

Missing scroll bar on completion of review session:

Formatting on review session completion screen:

Number of words to review missing (Edit:The number becomes visible if I reduce the screen size to 90%):

Formatting on review page:

Another example of missing scroll bar:

Another example of formatting issue on test page:

Hope these help!


When I run Speed Review etc. at the end of the practice I will get a list of the words learnt and what I need to go over. I am unable to scroll down and view the list. As you can see in the Screen Shot. There is no rolling ability to view this list or any other, including the following page which has the Leaderboard.

If I did want to view the Leaderboard, it is not possible in either of the courses I am following on Decks. It shows the top line but you cannot view below.

Exactly the same scrolling issue happens on both courses, in every instance.


the attribute text box is displayed right next to the question text. Kinda annoying. The course displays only 4 levels per row instead of 5 like on the official website. Also a tad annoying.


I wholeheartedly agree with the OP.

A couple more formatting bugs:


I really miss the ability to scroll down the list of words. I often use this function to remind myself of words whose definitions or audio need changing. I tend to review very fast, to test myself, so I don’t always have time to click on “edit” when I notice something.

I would really really appreciate having this scrolling function in Decks, too.


The biggest bug is that you can’t scroll down to see the words you were just studying on the Session Completed page without making the page so small you cannot see the words anyway. And there is the same issue with being unable to scroll down to see the leader board on the second Session Completed page. The leader board can be nice to see sometimes for motivation and a sense of community in this endeavor, but being able to see the words you just studied can be really important at times when you are struggling to learn some of the words. That is the major bug that I see, or maybe it is just a horrible web design that needs to be fixed. Here is an image of what the page looks like if you take the time to make contents of the Session complete page small enough to be able to see all 10 of the words that you studied:

Notice the distortion in the heads of the columns.

One other thing that I find does not work at all is the keyboard shortcuts that are theoretically available in the session itself. They just plain do not work.

There is also some sort of bug that puts a sort of black “o” over the end of the wrong answer that you entered in the “You wrote” section of the window where you are to enter the correct answer. You can see this in the image below


The other thing that may seem aesthetically pleasing, but is not nearly as functional as the old format is the expandable window that gets wider as you enter the tiles for the tile exercises. It works great if you enter the tiles perfectly the first time, but if for whatever reason you did not enter them all perfectly the first time it is much more awkward to selectively remove tiles because of the way they move around in the window as it is shrinking. A window of a fixed width, which may be able to expand downward for longer phrases would be much more functional for the tile exercises.

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Some bugs are 1 or 2 years old and are not fixed like downloading big courses.

Many thanks @alanh @LuluWitt42 @Geil @amanda-norrsken @JudithAin64.

We’ve scheduled to fix all these in the next month or two and will let you know when they’re done.


Hi @kevin5284 :slight_smile:

Just confirming if you put the question below in your list of bugs:

When the course has the big title, the title covers the location of the button: “set a daily goal”.

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That’s good news. Thank you.

If we find mistakes within lessons (such as Conversational Danish) who should we contact?

Many thanks


It’s best to have a look around under the forum menu icon to see if the course creator has opened a “[Course Forum]” for that course, and then post there. For ‘community-created’ courses, if you can’t find the relevant course forum, try sending a post to the course creator. You can do a forum search on their username to see if they have joined the forum. Unfortunately, it looks like the course creator for “Conversational Danish” doesn’t have a forum account yet. In those circumstances, I would open a “[Course Forum]” topic and tag one of the forum moderators asking them to send an email to the course creator inviting them to come to the forum. Elsewhere, I have suggested they add a banner to the course creation tool encouraging course creators to open a course forum if/when they make their course public.

Hope this helps!


Hi @alanh @LuluWitt42 @amanda-norrsken @JudithAin64 the issue of not being able to scroll on the session complete screen should now be fixed.


Yes, thanks @kevin5284, it’s a huge improvement! We can now view what we have just reviewed and see the course leaderboard without jumping back to the course homepage. :smile:


This one should now be fixed!

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