Please could you contact SusanSands7 about her Italian course

Please can you contact @susansands7 about her Italian course:

I have set up this Forum and wonder if you could draw her attention to my request to support it.

Cc @MemriseSupport

Thanks DW7

Hi @MemriseSupport, Please could you turn off typing , it’s too difficult with long phrases. Thanks.

(Sadly Contributors can’t do that.)

We’ve sent the creator an email to review both requests @DW7 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @MemriseSupport, did @susansands7 respond?

She’s not replied in the Forum. Can you help?

Sadly the course is too hard with typing.

I got this response from MemRise on how we should request items now.

If you need something please request it directly with Support, they do not monitor the forums.


Since Alessio left recently there is no member of staff responsible for monitoring most of the forum, the only section we actively monitor in a timely fashion is the bugs section. Other sections around official courses are checked less regularly but this section is under no one’s remit so I would advise making a support ticket if you want something.

Hi @James_g_memrise , I requested via the official channel months ago (on 22/01/2023 15:58) and still have not heard anything.

Are you able to investigate James, and redirect please?

Sorry to hear that
Can you put a list here of all the courses you want and I’ll do it myself tomorrow

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Many thanks James

There’s » this one « in this thread.

Two » listed here «:

Namely Animals of the Mesozoic (Dinosaurs) - by fitiusmaximus - Memrise
and Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals - Memrise

If there are no active Contributors/ supported, could you add this course, please:

Learn Italian Conjugation • No Typing - by deactivated user - Memrise

That should be done now.

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Thank you so much James - really appreciated.

As I say every time I will be respectful to the courses and try to improve them.

Hi again @James_g_memrise, could you please turn off (untick) typing on both the Italian and English (but keep tapping) on this course please Proverbs & Sayings - by susansands7 - Memrise as in the second post above (otherwise it’s just too hard).

If you provide instructions i can give it a go

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That’s very kind James,

“Edit” the course > click “Database” tab > click “Italian” > click “Testing” tab > untick first "Typing > mons importantly click “Save”.

While still there do the same for “English”.

Hope that is okay for you.

Sadly although Contributors can do lots, but that is something we can’t do - which seems illogical and was originally planned that we could do everything except delete a course.

Hi @DW7 that should be done now, could you check?

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Thank you so much James - that’s perfect (working fine).

Thank you for stepping outside your normal line of tasks.

I’ll now enjoy revising them all (and encouraging others too)