Please could you contact @ferncs re becoming a Contributor

Hi @MemriseSupport,

I have set up this [Course Forum]

[Course Forum] Plant Courses by Ferncs

and @ferncs does not seem to be around. She has just under 300 thousand points.

I’d be happy to be a Contributor to her seven courses.

See this link for her seven courses:

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Many thanks, we have contacted the user with your request, inviting them to review your forum post and accept or deny your contributor request.

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Good morning @MemriseMatty as over a month has gone since you said you would contact @ferncs about her courses I wonder if you have reached a conclusion?

She doesn’t seem to be active.

In the past MemRise policy was that if there was no response and the person in question had not been seen on the learning platform for a long time ‘you’ were willing to assign someone as a contributor as long as they beheaded responsibly.

As it’s two and a half month since you actioned this request, could you consider adding me as a contributor to this abandoned courses, please?

@MemriseMatty @MemriseSupport

Hi - I tried to add you to the course but it seems like there is a bug preventing me from adding you as a contributor.

As soon as it’s fixed we can add you to the course.


Many thanks @MemriseMatty,

Just a thought, have you tried in both MemRise and Decks?

Good thought. I just tested it in Decks, but unfortunately it seems like the bug is also present there.


For completeness (and speed) here are links to her seven courses:

Have you seen this thread @MemriseMatty and a possible solution to the bug?

Just came back from long hiatus, but I can't seem to add contributors to my abandoned course?

Hi - I tried the solution mentioned but it didn’t seem to save on the second save attempt. I also tried with one save attempt but unfortunately it did not save you as a contributor.

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Many thanks for trying this @MemriseMatty.
All The Best bug-hunting :wink:

Hi @MemriseMatty, I see @MemriseSupport has solved the bug:

Just came back from long hiatus, but I can't seem to add contributors to my abandoned course?

Could you now add me to the seven courses listed above please (as that was the only thing preventing you from adding me)? Thanks.