Please could you add me as a Contributor to another course by carl.miller

Hi @MemriseSupport ,

I have been supporting
since September 2016.

Carl.Miller ( @carl.miller ) only has 134 thousand points.

Please could you make me a Contributor to this course (below) sometime as well:


Many thanks, we have contacted the user with your request, inviting them to review your forum post and accept or deny your contributor request.


Many thanks @MemriseMatty - I’m hoping @carl.miller approves it as I look after another course of his (which I hope he remembers).

Good afternoon @MemriseMatty, I know you are still waiting for a reply from @carl.miller, but as I was added to another similar course of his nearly three years ago (and I don’t think he has appeared since), could you not automatically add me to this one - please?

Any news @MemriseMatty & @MemriseSupport,

As it’s 3 months since I raised this and two and a half months since you tried to contact Carl.Miller, I think you could safely approve me for this course without a reply as I already support a similar course of his - please.

Hi @MemriseMatty, I guess you are looking at Abandoned course requests - thanks.

I hope you would approve this one as I already support another of Carl’s courses.

Hi - It looks like this adding as a contributor works on this course. We have now added you to


Many thanks @MemriseMatty,

Strange that this one worked and the other didn’t.
I was going to suggest asking someone else to try but this proves no point and may give you a clue as to the bug.

Thanks again.