Please could I be a Contributor to a second Maddalena_Robinson Italian course

Please can you contact @Maddalena_Robinson about her course:

I have set up this Forum and wonder if you could draw her attention to my request to support it.

Cc @MemriseSupport

Thanks DW7

Hi @DW7, we’ve contacted the creator and will report back next week :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @MemriseSupport, Please could you turn off typing , it’s too difficult with long phrases. Thanks.

(Sadly Contributors can’t do that.)

Hi @DW7, as it looks like you’re the only one learning this course I’ve turned off typing. You’ve also now been added as a contributor.

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Yes I am the only one learning it - a bit of a shame.

Thanks for adding me @MemriseSupport ,and turning off typing.

As always I will be respectful to the creator’s course and just enhance it a little.

I’ll update the [Course Forum] thread.

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Please could you consider adding me to this course as well?

And turn off typing as well. Thanks.

I have also created a [Course Forum] for it.

Despite @Maddalena_Robinson’s name being highlighted above, she isn’t actually present on the Forum.

Strangely it wasn’t highlighted when I made the first post.

Seems like a quirk of the system.

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This has been done :slightly_smiling_face:

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