Please correct the mistake in the use of "short-term memory"

In some messages I have received on the app, along with multiple places on these forums, I have seen “short term memory” used to describe words/information remembered for hours/day/a few weeks. This is describing a younger, less developed(elaborated in cognitive terms) long-term memory, whereas short-term memory refers to situational awareness, and the memory for information that is being used in any given moment. Short-term memory lasts only seconds (less than 20 without rehearsal, see Peterson & Peterson 1959). This does not entirely destroy the experience, nor is it a grave misconception for non-Psychologists, but it seems wrong that a program solely dedicated to learning should use a key term for learning so incorrectly. Simply put, it feels as if the program was created by marketers over anyone with learning knowledge at all (only whenever I see that phrase though). A better term may be “Young” and “Mature” memories, as anki uses, or even “weak” and “strong” memories, which may even be more appealing without spreading misinformation.

I think that the way they do things here is a little weird, but endearing all the same.