Please can you help by turning off typing and tapping on one column on this Earthquake course

I have looked after this course, originally by CPorter939 since mid 2015.
I now see s/he has given up (deactivated user).

So as a Contributor/ Custodian can not amend certain functions, please could you TURN OFF typing and tapping on the second column called “Definition” as it’s far to long, (possibly with alternatives) to get right.

(Not the first column as that is the point of the test and is short.)

Actually I am surprised this wasn’t done at the time, as it’s always one of the things I address and would put off most users unless they know about “Skip”.

Many thanks.

Cc @MemriseSupport

Any chance of fitting this one in, please @MemriseSupport ?

Apologies for the delay, that’s now done @DW7 .

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Many thanks @MemriseSupport and sorry to bother you.

Any chance of Contributors (especially of abandoned courses) having more privaleges?

Hi @DW7 I’m afraid it’s not work we’ll have prioritised at the moment as we focus our efforts on the new web and app learning experience.

Thanks for your reply - I can but dream.

I was just thinking it would save you time in the long-term.

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