Please can someone advise me on which French community course to study

Thank you, but I’d suggest that you don’t spend time looking at this further. I don’t think it’s important (at least it’s not to me).

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In case anyone is interested, I created a “no typing/ MCQ” version of the Memrise official French course series (3099 items in total).


How does this course compare to the official Memrise French course ? I ask because I am on the second part of said course but if this one is better I might switch

Hi Alan,

My “French 1 to 7 - MCQs” course contains all the vocabulary that’s in the seven official Memrise French courses but contains only multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that test in both the EN→FR and FR→EN directions. So the course is complementary to the official courses and offers a different testing format.

Additionally, @DW7 recently added levels to test FR-audio → EN which could be useful for anyone training their ear for the language.

I’m guessing that most people will prefer to use the official courses for learning the vocabulary but some may find the MCQs course useful for revision, particularly when using a smartphone.

As you’ve already worked though the official Memrise French 1 course you might at some point decide to review the vocabulary using the first three levels of the MCQs course.


Hi @AlanEmanuelMonteros3,

I agree with Ian

The course is complementary to the official courses and offers a different testing format.

This course is no substitute to the official excellent courses but good for revision - especially if you prefer comprehension to typing.

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What’s worth considering: the official Memrise courses (at least many of them) have the → Learn with Locals videos which I think are a really great addition. French is among them. I wouldn’t want to miss out on them.


Actually the “Listening skills” review on the MemRise courses are excellent as spoken clearly and slowly.