Please can I become a contributor to these 3 Italian courses

The creators do not appear in the forum and do not appear to be active in the courses.

  1. AS Italian Vocabulary - by FinlayB96 - Memrise
    This course does not have many current users but has some spelling errors and there are a lot of duplicate words. I would like to correct these for the users.

  2. AS Italian subject specific vocabulary - by Velti - Memrise
    This course has missing accents, odd capitals and sometimes uses articles but other times doesn’t. I would like to bring some consistency to the course even though at the moment no one other than myself is using it.

3.Parole prese dalla vita - by and.geoff - Memrise
This course has some current users. Again it has odd capitals and needs proper accents and some alternatives adding to make it more user friendly.

They are only small courses but I would be happy to update them for any future user. They all have some useful Italian vocabulary.


Hi @sandslane, we have contacted these 3 course creators and will report back within 7 days.