Please allow us to download audio

I’ve using this app with two others for a bit over a month now on my quest to learn French.

So far, without a doubt this is the best of the 3 apps. I have learned so much in a month that is a bit hard for me to beleive it.

over 20 years ago I learned English going once per week to a language institute. That took me a year. What I learned in a month on memrise is way more than I learned in a month then.

However, I think what has helped me most is that after each lesson on memrise. I use third parties app to get google translator audio of all the sentences on each lesson and save them on my phone.

Then I play the audio on my phone using my earphones. At work, I can have these lessons playing for hours until my ear can indeed recognize the sentences.

Google translator voice is not the same quality as the voices on memrise and it is time consuming as well.

I think it would be very helpul if you allow us to download the audio of the sentences on each lesson.

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You can download all audio files from courses using this GitHub - Eltaurus-Lt/CourseDump2022: Google Chrome extension to download MemRise courses as csv files

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I will review this next weekend. I’m not familiar with this method. If there is a zip file somewhere. Please share it


If you scroll down the linked page just a bit, the instruction for downloading the zip is right there


sorry I could not figure it out.

I even made an account on github as well.

is there place to simply download a zip folder?

You don’t need an account for that. Just click the green Code button from the screenshot above. If you don’t see it, try making your browser window wider.

Not sure, if the direct file link from this forum would work, but here it is:

Also, here is the main discussion thread for this extension, in case you’ll have further questions regarding installation and usage:

Does this still work? It was working for me previously but now it just gives me an empty CSV file. Thank you so much by the way.

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(I already answered in the other thread, but just for the sake of completeness)

It should work again now if you download the updated version. That is until Memrise changes anything else on their end.