Please allow us the option on the web interface of disabling both speed reviews and the timer

(Randaloulton) #1

How do I turn off speed reviews? I find they cause me NOT to think. I just feel stressed to pick an answer, any answer, fast. In Duo, speed reviews are optional! I"m doing Latin on memrise and trust me there’s no need for speed.

(Amanda Norrsken) #2

@randaloulton Do you use memrise on your phone or the web version on a laptop or PC?

(Thomas Heiss) #3


Just ignore the “Speed review” button when their random sequence “algorithm” suggests to use it.

You can manually select “classic review” when you press the “More” button.

Just ignore the replaced right side button where usually “Classic reviews” is located, which is sometimes replaced by “Speed review”.

(Randaloulton) #4

I’ve been using memrise on both the web, and in the app. I’ll look for opportunities to ignore it. I’ve been “xing” it away, I forget whether that was on web, or on app, but the very next suggested thing is always speed review, it just keeps stubbornly putting it back in my face. Ugh. I’ll look for other opportunities to skip. Thanks.

(Andi Urra) #5

Same here, I cannot stand Speed Reviews. They hinder thinking and memorizing. I would like to be able to turn them off in the preferences. I use the iPhone app. In the past I did try the web version as well but because of the speed reviews I switched to mobile exclusively. Unfortunately, now those pesky speed reviews have come there, too. Please let me configure memrise so that there is no need to constantly x-away the speed reviews. I would like to enjoy the learning experience again.

(Vikestart) #6

Just don’t choose to do them on the app then, it’s that simple. We don’t need a toggle for every single feature. And if you happen to launch a session of Speed Review, you can just X out of it, it’s not like you’re given any kind of penalty.

As for myself, I love the speed review. I use classic review most of the time, but also the speed review sometimes to go through a lot of words quickly and I think having to remember words quickly is a very nice exercise, because in real conversations you will need to remember words quickly as well.

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(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #7

I agree that speed review is terrible but you don’t have the choose it

(Randaloulton) #8

Thankfully it looks like the course I’m doing will be moving to Decks, and there’s a chance I hope that Decks will do away with speed reviews completely. I’m looking forward to Decks. I am not in love with the Memrise interface either on the web or in the app. Duolingo has a much better interface.

(khx333) #9

As mentioned, if you don’t like a feature, do not use it. Others might like Speed review and they should have the chance to use this feature.

(Randaloulton) #10

The speed / timing feature is also FORCED on me in every exercise on the web. See this gyazo screen cap. Upper right hand corner timer.

Many times I want to stop and look up a word, or review the third declension in Latin, say, but I can’t because the speed / timing issue is forced on me, and it will take the page away from me if I stop to actually review and understand what I am typing. It’s in the way of learning.

I’m a premium member - not sure how many of the people commenting on this are. But it’s in my way and I certainly wouldn’t want to pay another year for it. I’ve written to memrise as a paying member asked them to make sure any speed or timing thing in Decks is optional and not forced on everyone.

Sorry but I’m a paying premium member and I’m not going to be bullied out of expressing my feedback and opinion.

(Amanda Norrsken) #11

You are confusing two things here and the title of your post is a little confusing. As far as I understand your posts, what you dislike is not the feature “Speed Review” (which is really fast, but never involves typing, only choosing the correct box out of four options), but the fact that there is a TIMER.

There have been numerous posts asking memrise to introduce an option to turn off the timer. If I knew how, I’d add them here for you to see :slight_smile:

I have recently been given a new “badge” which allows me to change the titles of posts. I would like to change yours to something like “Please allow us to disable the timer!”

What do you reckon? May I do that on your behalf?

(Randaloulton) #12

Good idea Amanda. I adjusted the title to reflect better the evolving stream. Both speed things actually negatively impact my ability to learn Latin. Thanks for the suggestion! Appreciated.

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(Jei Yo) #13

Hello memrise can you please add a turbo function on the decks app and website and all-typing without having extensions or i will ask my friends to provide an one star rating on googleplay.

(Amanda Norrsken) #14

I don’t think this kind of threatening tone is going to help you get what you want.

Personally, I find it repugnant.

(khx333) #15

Yes please do not kill all the goodwill we have now by Memrise reading and responding to forum posts.

(Jei Yo) #16

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(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #17

Speed review is not mandatory you can choose the normal review mode it makes no sens to remove it for everybody.Timer is another story and I agree about removing it(I would prefer the ability to able/disable it but memrise won’t do that).

(Jei Yo) #18

You probably don’t know what I am talking about… there is an extention that removes the 1+ sec delay on memrise when typing the word correctly. I am not talking about speed review because it just sucks.

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