Plans to add cwrs sylfaen to welsh courses on offer

I have completed the welsh course and know there is a follow up book to cwrs mynediad which was excellent. Do you have plans for this in near future

Hello @Mikeslvcf and welcome to the forum!

I see that you learn(ed) this Welsh course here:

Its author is @Sarigne who happens to also be on the forum, so she might respond here due to my tagging her.

In general, there’s a ton of Welsh courses for English speakers that you can choose from, here’s a search for those:

Hi @Olaf.Rabbachin, thanks for tagging me in this. And I’m really glad you enjoyed the course, @Mikeslvcf!

The next course that follows directly on from that Cwrs Mynediad you’ve learned is this one:

Both of those courses are the older syllabus that, while excellent, we no longer use in our Welsh for Adults classroom teaching, we have a new national syllabus which we’re also in the process of adding to Memrise. The new Cwrs Mynediad (southern) is here:

And I’m currently working on the Cwrs Sylfaen to follow on from that. It’s only about half finished but you’re welcome to start learning it if you would like to:

Let me know if you have any questions, or if I can help any further. :slight_smile:

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