Pictures don't appear

Both in my cellphone (MLS with Android 5.1) and my tablet (LG with Android 5.0.2) pictures of a course I made for my son, don’t appear:

Instead, I get to see the path to the jpg. Please, check the attached screenshot.

I suppose that is not the expected behavour, right?


In app version pictures will appear if they are (a) tested (b) promted with. No pics will apear if they are set to always show but not (a) or (b). As long as I have used app (over a year).

Indeed, I have “always show” set.

What do you mean by tested and prompted with. (Sorry)


To get this

You need to study on words and prompt with pics

I see. But I want words to be prompt with Greek and pictures just to appear in order to introduce the word and give some visualization to the learning process. Matter of fact excaclty as the course tries to do (by showing the file path) but for some reason cannot deliver.

You can insert pictures in mems. (I’ll make you a screenshot later)

But I don’t want them in the mems. :confused:
Matter of fact I don’t want to change anything. On the PC it works perfectly! The only problem is that on android instead of showing the photo it shows the photo path which seems to be a bug.

Then you have tu use it on PC. There is no room for a picture in phone app

Apparently not. Still the path appers when it shouldn’t. I consider this to be a bug. It needs fixing or else a different approach that could show the picture somehow. I’m sure there are ways.

the path appears because there is some room for words that are always shown. I use it in my own courses. It can’t show a pic, but it can show the address, because it is in words

and therefore it’s a bug.

anywayz… i hope they’ll get to it sometime…

I’ve exactly the same issue. what the difference between image and mems ? I’ve uppload photo for each worl of the level but it don’t consider it as mems ? So where I can upload mems on the lesson editor panel ?

You’ll need to add the pictures as mem’s instead of creating a 3rd column for image in the database. The Image url is shown because pictures can’t be shown when not tested.

Here’s an article regarding what mem’s are and how to create them:


I just finished creating my course, and I noticed the bug with the pictures in the app… I don’t want to learn on computer, also I don’t want to put each picture in mems, it takes too long time and it is not the behavior I want. I am very disappointed this bug still exists after at least 3 years.

i’m writing from Earth, 14.10.2019 the problem is still the same. We can’t see the images on the android app. Are you reading here??? heeyoo it is a serious bug.