Photos don't appear on android

Hi. I’m running android. I’m using my Samsung Galaxy A53. No matter what I do, courses will not load photos. I want it to prompt with english and test on Japanese, but when I do that, photos do not load. All it shows is a link to the image. I have tried all kinds of things and nothing works. This is so frustrating.

Stop trying to change or find anything - this is one of a ton of bugs. See #10 on my Android bug list.
Note that my list doesn’t even mention the latest bugs as I’m no longer maintaining it due to Memrise’s refusal to even fix the most simple things …

Sounds like you’re feeling frustrated

Yes, I am - Memrise is the single one most frustrating company I’ve ever come across (and I’m most probably one of many).

No need to go into much more detail here - it’s all on the forum (try → this thread for instance).

I contacted support. Apparently, it’s a feature, not a bug. They designed it that way.