Petition to add a word search function in all official Memrise courses

(Marius Hd) #1

Hey there!

Before reading this post, it may be worth noting that I almost exclusively use Memrise on a computer.

I have been thinking about this thing for a while and I am honestly quite surprised it hasn’t been implemented a long time ago.

I propose a search engine for every single official Memrise course. I’m not a programmer, but I imagine this would be a quite trivial task to overcome.

I very often think of a word or a phrase that have appeared in one of my courses, and just as often I can’t remember where it appeared. Neither on what level nor what part of that level the word or phrase appeared. Thus, if I want to find it, it often takes a long time, and as a result I usually give up without even trying.

A search engine can also help course moderators as I often come across flaws during classic review which I want to suggest a correction for (this happens mostly with the Japanese course for me). When this happens I often post my corrections without a source because, I don’t remember where it originated, as classic review is a mish-mash of the entire course. If there were a search function however, not only would I be able to find the source and link it in my suggestion, but moderators could also use the search function if the link is missing.

This search function would of course have to go both ways which for me would mean that I should be able to search for words/phrases in Japanese as well as English.

It doesn’t have to be a super smart search engine. If it were only able to find 1-to-1 matches that would still be a huge help.

On the off-chance that I’ve just completely missed this functionality, I would very much like to know where it is, and maybe suggest that it be made a little more easily accessible.

I hope this resonates with other learners (and perhaps even some moderators), and that people will contribute their thoughts in the comments.

(SKKreativ) #2

I am all for a search engine for both looking up in courses as well as for finding duplicates. I have recently been very frustrated with trying to edit my created course, because I found heaps of dublicates and I had to individually go through over 200 words to find the doubles. It took hours and I kept missing a lot of them. A simple dublicate notifier would have saved me a lot of time.


In the meantime, this may help:

(JJstheman) #4

I love your idea! Hopefully they are able to implement this soon! :slightly_smiling_face: