Persian Persian Farsi Basic Course - where are the curriculum and resources?


(Tehila Shpack26) #1

I have a problem with the course “Peraisn farsi basic” by Weapa. all the leveles have names like chapter 1, chapter 2, newspaper book p.23, unit 8 lesson 1 and names of articles. but I don’t know the names of these books and where I can find them. there is a link for the “Complete curriculum for Persian Farsi Basic Course” (, but the link is broken.
There is a way to find it? how can I contact with the author?
this is a huge course with 6000 words. Without the connection, I have no chance.

link for the course

thank you very much foe your halp.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #2

you should tag @weapa, not ask in the fora, because other users cannot know that. But, given the creator prefers that facebook (and the tag does not turn grey, i.e. s/he’s not active in here), you should probaby ask in there…

(Tehila Shpack26) #3

the link is broken. can I ask the technical support of the site to contact the author because the site does not allow to contact the author or any other user.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #4

yes, sure, you should tag @lien, for ex, and kindly ask her to contact @weapa

(Lien) #5

Thanks for letting me know. I have emailed Weapa and invited him/her to this conversation. Hopefully we’ll hear back soon.

(Tehila Shpack26) #6

Thank you very much. I hope he will answer.

(Balores) #7

Was there any reply from @Weapa, or any other success in finding the course material? Would really be a shame if it can’t be found. If somebody knows which user created the facebook group we could try to reach out directly to them there?

(Dvoigt) #8

Hello everyone! I would also like to know if anyone ever found out where the course material can be found. Obviously there was a lot of effort being put into this project and it would be a real shame if we cannot find it anywhere…