Permanently and Temporarily

I was wondering if someone could explain ‘Temporarily’ and ‘Permanently’ next to some of the words I am learning. For example I am learning Brazilian Portuguese and two of the words are laid out like:
Isso e - It’s (Permanently)
Isso está- It’s (Temporarily)
I have asked around and cant find answers, I may have missed an explanation somewhere…

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I think it must be a grammar thing like in Spanish where there are two ways of expressing the idea of “to be”.

So I guess something like “There is a church on the corner” would be translated using the “permanently” version and “he isn’t well today” might be expressed using the “temporarily” version.

Both are verb “to be”

  1. … one (temporarily) is about to become something now for now just being that something (I am thirsty or he is thirsty … … but I mean thirsty right now - not that we are all life-long thirsty men - I will use the temporar verb ESTAR … temporarilly become and be sth for now only) ELE ESTÁ COM SEDE (now - he is thirsty)

  2. … second verb “to be” is about to be something normally and stay so for good ( I use the verb SER here i.e. isso e - than it is about unchanging state … if speaking about the example from before - thirsty it would become unusual characterisation :smile: - ELE E COM SEDE (he is thirsty man - allways thirsty)

Or imagine kid talking about mom that she is angry Could the kid think that she is angry just now … or might it mean that she is angry normally (angry person) - which of the two would be more probable for the kid to say?

Or imagine situation with boy and his girlfriend … The girlfiend has a brand new haircut … when she meets the boy.

And boy exclaims with excitement!
You are so beautiful!!
( that would be verb Estar - to be right now i.e. temporarilly, i.e. he exclaims: Tu estas Bonita!!! … meaning she is so beautiful now, because of the haircut),
… however the girl is not really pleased and asks him - “just Estas? I hadn’t been “bonita” for You before?”
… No, no that is not what I meant, replies the boyfriend … I mean “Tu és bonita” (allways being beautifull as a norm for the girl) and the haircut is just well chosen to bless you even more.

I hope I didn’t mess it up - I am also just learning it and this is how I just picked it up :slight_smile:

This actually helped a lot, obrigada! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!